America's Five Most Overpriced Cars

These cars and trucks are actually worth between 16 and 21 percent less than the asking price.

1. Dodge Truck Ram 2500

2. Mercury Grand Marquis

3. Jeep Liberty

4. Dodge Nitro

5. Dodge Durango


10 Worst American Automotive Fads

Vinyl/Landau Roof

Fake Wood Paneling

Talking Cars

Automatic Seat Belts

Spinning Rims

Branded Decals

Carbon Fiber Accents

Digital Dashboards

Huge SUVs

Fake Air Intakes/Outputs/Hood Scoops


Worlds Fastest Production Car

SSC Ultimate Aero TT
After its record run across a Washington State highway that yielded an official average speed, as determined by the Guinness Officials, as being 256.19 mph.